2.5 meter chiller, 3 meter chiller,  and 4m trailer chill or freeze. 

Fully adjustable/removable shelving

Secure locking door with internal safety handle Locked on site for customers with hitch and wheel lock supplied.

Totally clean inside and out unbranded new stock white trailers

Free local delivery up to 25miles

Weekend or long term contract with most competitive rates.

Call us on 01722 324283 / 07774 513961

SALISBURY CHILLER TRAILERS, Unit 15 Sarum Business Park, SP4 6FB

01722 324283 / 07774 513961 

·2.5 m trailer

·internal size, length: 2.63m x width: 1.47m x 1.97m high

·Capacity: 7.6 cu.m. Floor area: 3.85 sq.m

  • 3m trailer
  • Internal size, length: 3.13m x width: 1.67m x 1.97m high
  • Capacity: 10.3 cu.m. Floor area: 5.3 sq.m
  • 4 m trailer
  • Internal size, length: 4.13m x width: 1.67m x 1.97m high

Capacity: 13.6 cu.m. Floor area: 6.9 sq.m